About Stomp!

Stomp! is a comedy/fantasy comic about a small group of friends and their seemingly unconnected adventures.

Somewhere in a strange yet familiar world, probably in a cool forest, there's a young boy named Stomp Silverfeather. He has no idea he's going to change the world. Inspired by his uncle's tall tales of thrill and excitement, Stomp and his friends go on many adventures of their own. As time goes on, they learn that not everything is as friendly as it seems, and something very bad is definitely on it's way.

The comic updates every Monday and Friday. If you're new to the series, you might wanna start here at the first page. The story has been completely planned out and will have 30 chapters.

About the Creator

Brodnork is the artist/mastermind behind Stomp! He's been working on the story in some form or another for more than 5 years now. His hobbies include playing ukulele and eating way too much Subway. There was also that time he got a t-shirt because he calculated how many oats could fit into a wooden clog, but everyone knows that story.

Fig 1. Young Brodnork venturing off in pursuit of his dreams, c. 1920 (Colourized)

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